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Guesthouse Extraordinaire

An extraordinary Guesthouse with a twist of Magic: The Boutique Art House combines a wonderfully unique guesthouse alongside a changing programme of fabulous retreats, gallery, studio, talks, and exciting events within the most beautifully curated space.

The founder, Sadie Spikes, as an artist and maker, is passionately driven to create, design, and make places and objects that inspire the soul, soothe the spirit, and lift the heart, compelled by a yearning to return to the old school and the real! Love, laughter, sensation, and space, in the attempt to momentarily stop time; The Boutique is a wonderful place for relaxation, connection, great conversation face to face, and a celebration of the here and now.

Alongside the Boutique Art House three lovingly restored Trailervans wait on a magical farm in Wiltshire, dens and portals designed specifically to give some much needed space and old school fun, hired for group bookings, escapes and creative retreats, fabulous photoshoots and film: also running events, inspiring talks, fabulous picnics and all manner of wonderful things. Please contact Sadie for more information.

Sadie an artist combines the Guesthouse and Events programme with her own creative practice producing her own artwork from her studio. 2015 has also seen the beginning of a wonderful new relationship with the fantastic A Loquacious mind, the exciting and dynamic Bristol Based illustration and photographic collaborative, promising some beautiful and interesting projects ahead. Visit aloquaciousmind


Eclectic Escapades from The Magic Atelier

The Curious Cabinet

Sadie is also a practising artist who makes work in her studio and exhibits. Having lectured for many years she is back in the studio currently concentrating on a new body of work. Please see: Sadie Spikes Curious Cabinet and website if you would like more information.  Visit the site »

The Boutique Retreats

Would you love a life affirming getaway and be able to stop and just switch off?  Our fabulous Boutique Retreats are a real experience and a back to basics adventure, step back in time to the 40’s and 50’s with our three beautiful caravans nestled on an idyllic farm just a 45 min drive outside of Bristol. They offer that much needed head space and are a real return to the basics: conversation, fire, laughter, candlelight, moonlight, birdsong and air…Turn off the phone, unplug, relax and breathe deep! Please call Sadie to enquire about hiring and availability for a weekend or week long retreats. Find out more >

The Magical Marquee

The Magical Marquee is a truly breathtaking Indian Marquee that will enchant and delight…it is available to hire for any special occasions, Anniversaries, Weddings, Marvelous tea parties, Tea dances’, Bohemian events or simply chic Boutique glamour, the choice is yours. Please enquire >

Keep an eye on our website as there is always something new and intriguing ready to emerge from The Boutique and The Magic Atelier. For more information about any of the above or anything else from our collection feel free to call or email Sadie, we are always delighted to help.

The Boutique B&B and The Magic Atelier, 35 Downend Rd, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 5AR
The Boutique landline: 0117 935 4964
Sadie direct mobile: 07831381177