The Curious Cabinet

It is what it is:

Magical, beautiful, unexpected, continually shifting

Many things, but you have to feel it to get it, see it to believe it. ‘The Curious Cabinet is re born and replaces ‘The Boutique Art House’ which we grappled with to make it fit, but like realising that an old piece of clothing never quite suited you, the time to let it go has come. ’The Curious Cabinet represents coming full circle, to see what was there all along, but then sometimes the journey has to be taken before what’s in front of you becomes revealed! Sadie Spikes Curious Cabinet was always the site for Sadie’s art work, which having finally realised there is no separation between any of it, is the very fitting new/old name for it all.

‘We are an eclectic mix of amazing things’  …We are in a category of our own and an interesting misfit.


 Curious Guesthouse

Something quite extraordinary and magical, it defies a description.
More than a guesthouse it is beautiful, peaceful, creative, bursting with visual details. In the Guardians top ten places to stay in its former life as “The Boutique B&B”. The Curious Cabinet Guestrooms are utterly unique and with the house being effectively reborn, offering an amazing place to stay for other likeminded and creative people. Nightly stays of a two night minimum and other bespoke packages for Bristol’s creative sector needing longer stays are now available.

Curious Retreats

A dress up box/charity shop in a field, a roll top in a horse box! A Mercedes filled with lights and sweets, enough polish hot chocolate to drown in! and three of the most beautiful showman’s vans you have ever seen, with a wood burner in each…Really!! Where do I book? Find out more >

Sadie Spikes The Curious Cabinet

Sadie Spikes is fascinated by words and language. By the invisible and intangible that is held in the spaces in between, by what is absorbed and then resubmitted, by what is thought but not said. Something too in the unseen language of objects that is powerfully captivating. Communication and its slippery nature is in essence her practice.. Visit the site »


Curious Events Magic Atelier

The Studio turns into The ultimate intimate Cabinet and gathering space for Talks, Clubs and Events. Dark and inviting, with open fire and huge table to gather round it is perfect for bespoke do’s. The House and Show-Vans can also be hired for photoshoots, backdrops and film during the week. Amazing spaces that are filled with intriguing things and objects. We also have two beautiful Marharaja Marquees that can be hired for bespoke events. For an interest or more information about any of the above please contact Sadie >